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Showing your property from a different perspective.....

Wherever your property is being marketed it is always competing for buyers attention.  Online it is surrounded by other properties in a similar price bracket, in the newspaper it is on a page with other properties and even in our window there are other properties and other estate agents trying to attract those potential buyers.

​The first thing most buyers see is the main photo, we only have a few seconds to grab their attention while they decide if they wish to find out more about your home or look at the next one.  One technique we utilise to make your home stand out from the others is to use elevated photography to really make your home look different to others on the market.

​This type of photography benefits many properties and not just the ones with amazing views;



Looks different to other properties you are competing with - buyers look more if only wondering how we take it

  • ​Shows off stunning views, a larger garden or that you are not overlooked immediately in one photo
  • ​Refreshes the marketing, draws in new buyers and helps to revitalise a property
  • ​Large hedge, fence, wall or even trees stopping other estate agents getting a good photo - no problem for Urban & Rural


At Urban & Rural we own all our equipment so we dont need to book in a day weeks in advance for a contractor to come round and take the photos while hoping the weather is nice.  We simply see a lovely blue sky with the sun in the right place and we pop round to take the picture ensuring it looks amazing!

If you have any questions about how we market properties or how our marketing can help you attract more buyers and the best possible price please feel free to contact us by calling us on 01525 713111 or send us an email at

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