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With no long contracts or minimum tie in periods we really do live by our customer service.....

Most estate agents have a minimum contract period built into their agreements, often 3 or 4 months in length with a notice period at the end.  Once signed you can only sell your property through that estate agent for the duration of their contract without facing a financial penalty, often their entire fee.  If you wanted to instruct another estate agent (or even sell to a friend) you will be liable to pay the inital agents fee even if you stopped marketing with them because you wasn't happy with their service.

A common complaint we hear is that people have signed a contract with another estate agent and then this very attentive agent suddenly forgets all about them and moves onto the next potential client and the service they have been promised stops.  Unfortunately at this point they have entered into a contract and the seller is bound by the terms within the contract even if unhappy with the service they are recieving. 

At Urban & Rural we believe this is unfair, if you are promised a certain level of service when first speaking to a company then they should deliver that service throughout your dealings with them.  If they don't you should be able to change agents should you wish.

​We do not have a minimum contract period, it is set to a zero week minimum contract period with just a 21 day rolling notice period to allow us to wrap up our marketing.  We stand by the service we promise we will deliver, if our clients feel we have not delivered on this service then they should have every right to disinstruct us and try another agent.  We have total belief in the service we deliver and even if clients decide not to sell they normally return to us when they are ready to move again.

​Before instructing an agent we recommend checking their contract period, if they have one we would wonder why it is needed, it is certainly not there to protect the seller!  

If you have any questions about how we market properties or how our marketing can help you attract more buyers and the best possible price please feel free to contact us by calling us on 01525 713111 or send us an email at

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