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Keeping you in control - marketing your home your way.....

​​We appreciate that not one style of marketing suits every property or every property owner.  Some sellers are looking for a quick sale, others are not in a hurry and some really don't want to market their property unless they have seen one which they like.  There is no right or wrong way to market your home, each has benefits and each has disadvantages but however you want to start marketing we have a marketing package built for you.

​Our packages are tailored to suit your requirements but for more details please click on the package that suits your needs the most:



Fully Marketed

  • ​​Looking to sell quickly?
  • Found a property you want to buy?
  • ​Want the very best buyers viewing today?
  • ​Then Fully Marketed is ideal for you!


​We call all the most motivated buyers immediately to talk about your property and why it would be perfect for them.

​We will then email your property with amazing photos, floorplans, measurements, virtual viewing and property particulars to hundreds of buyers registered throughout our network of branches.

​Your property will be immediately marketed online (normally same day) giving you exposure to thousands more potential buyers.

​Our fully marketed service includes a choice of;

  • Open house viewings to maximise interest and help you get the best possible offer in the quickest possible timescale.
  • ​Elevated photography to making your property stand out from other similar properties
  • Professional advice on presenting your property to help you attract the best buyer at the best price
  • ​Immediate calling of all motivated suitable buyers encouraging interest from the very first day
  • Experianced agents negotiating on your behalf to achieve you the best possible sale price
  • ​Accompanied viewings to help really sell your home
  • Feedback from every viewing
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Online access to your properties activity and statistics
  • ​Zero week contracts keeping you in control and giving you the assurance of our best service at all times
  • Dedicated aftersales service to assist you until moving day


Low Key Marketing

  • ​Not in a hurry to find a buyer?
  • Worried about selling too quickly?
  • Would like to find a buyer who is working in your timescales?
  • ​Then Low Key Marketing is ideal for you!


​A quieter, more personal form of marketing.  Our experienced team hand pick possible buyers from our extensive mailing list choosing from people who are looking for a property just like yours and are happy to move in your timescales. 

​You can choose the avenues you wish to use for marketing, maybe you would rather it wasn't in the newspaper or online, maybe you would like to restrict viewings to particular days, the choice is completely yours and you can choose to change to any of our other packages with immediate effect keeping you totally in control.

The main benefits for Low Key Marketing are;

  • ​Hand picking your buyer from our extensive database of buyers without having to shout to your neighbours and friends that you are thinking about moving before you tell them personally
  • ​Finding you a buyer who is happy to move within your timescales giving you time to find your dream home without any pressure
  • ​Testing the market at a higher price before full marketing without having to be seen to reduce the price should it not get sufficient interest
  • ​Having your property ready to fully market immediately should you see your dream home before you have a buyer for your own.  No delays waiting for a valuation, details to be drawn up and photos to be taken.
  • ​No sale no fee, if you decide not to move we do not charge you a penny and your details are ready to start again whenever you are ready to.
  • ​Less stress for you as your buyer will know your position from day one, we would recommend that no surveys or solicitors are instructed so you do not feel under pressure from any buyers.
  • Pick and choose between our marketing to ensure you get the exposure you want rather than a fixed package which is the same as every other property.


Market Ready

  • ​Can't find a property you like?
  • Want to find before you sell?
  • ​Worried about the stress of buying and selling?
  • Then Market Ready is ideal for you!


​We understand that in the current market some people are worried that they may sell their property quickly but it will take them longer to find their dream home.  Maybe you have been looking for some time but that perfect property has not come onto the market? 

​Our Market Ready package allows you to be ready to market within minutes of finding your dream home and gives you the greatest chance of finding a buyer quickly.  Often if you have spent a while waiting for that perfect property then there is a number of other buyers who have been doing the same thing and now you are in a race to find a buyer before they do.  Why not give yourself a head start by being able to market on the same day rather than wait for an estate agent to come round, agree figures, take photos (which may not be on a nice sunny day to show your property at its best), create the floorplan and type up the details when you can make a quick phone call to Urban & Rural who have already completed all these tasks and within minutes you are being advertised online and you have a team of experienced agents calling buyers and getting you immediate interest.

The main benefits of our Market Ready package are:

  • Everything is ready to go as soon as you are
  • ​No viewings or marketing until you are ready - no matter how long that takes
  • ​Immediate marketing when you find your perfect home
  • Head start on other possible buyers who have not started marketing their property
  • ​Time to make your properties details perfect, take the photos on the best day and ensure that your property looks it's very best
  • Absolutely no pressure or time constraints
  • ​No sale no fee - if you decide not to move we will not make any charges


If you have any questions about how we market properties or how our marketing can help you attract more buyers and the best possible price please feel free to contact us by calling us on 01767 669222 or send us an email at

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