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Quality photography gets more interest helping you to sell for a better price.....

People buy with their eyes, whether they are looking for the nicest looking cake, the juiciest steak, their favourite furniture or a larger purchase like a car or house they look for the one which is most appealing to them.

​We own and use professional DSLR cameras with quality lenses, additional lighting and we edit the photos to make them look amazing.  We know this helps us get more interest in our properties and the more viewings you have the better chance there is of achieving the highest possible price.  Everyone wants to be wow'ed by a property and thats what we strive to do with every photograph we take.

​​Thanks to the variety of weather conditions we have in the UK we often take photos on various days and at various times, property photographs normally look best with a blue sky in the background and with the sun on the front of the house.  We will call round as many times as we need to so we can take the optimum photograph to show your property at it's best.

​Unlike some other agents there is no additional, upfront charge for this service.  We feel that it is so important to the marketing of our propertys and it helps us sell more homes due to the greater interest it attracts that it is an essential part of our marketing.

If you are currently looking for a property take a couple of minutes to review how you are looking for your next home, we are sure that the photograph is one of, if not always the first thing you will look at.

If you have any questions about how we market properties or how our marketing can help you attract more buyers and the best possible price please feel free to contact us by calling us on 01525 713111 or send us an email at


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