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​With our touch screen windows we really are open even when we are closed.

​Our super bright HD touchscreen windows are fantastic at attracting buyers and then they love interacting with them.  Night or day we have people using our interactive screen to search properties that they are looking for.  The screen not only allows buyers to see properties they can touch the glass and control what they are looking at and what they are looking for.  Whether we are open or closed potential buyers are welcome to browse properties available across Mid Beds to help them find their dream home.

​Some buyers are nervous about walking into an estate agents and the screen gives them an opportunity to see a property they are interested in before coming in, often we are the only estate agents they have walked inside simply because they have had the opportunity to see a property which has encouraged them to register with us.

​A buyer can interact with our screen to see as much as they want to, just some of the features include;


  • Select the price range they are looking for
  • ​Choose maximum and/or minimum number of bedrooms they are after
  • ​Browse and enlarge all your properties photographs
  • ​See how your property would work for them with the floor plan
  • ​See your location on google maps and get an idea of the local area
  • ​Have a look around with one of our virtual viewings
  • ​Request a set of details or go on our mailing list.


You are welcome to come down and try our window for yourself, it helps us attract buyers and show our properties from all over Mid Beds to buyers who are really looking for a property like yours.  Now with this technology we can promise you that your property will always feature in our window!

If you have any questions regarding our marketing or would like to discuss placing your property on the market please call us on 01525 713111 or email



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