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Virtual viewings - turning a buyers first viewing into a second viewing.....

Peoples lives get busier and busier, there is more to squeeze into a day, more time spent working, commuting and generally living. 

Many buyers have limited time to arrange viewings and to look around properties.  They really want to see the properties which are more likely to suit their requirements.

​Likewise sellers lives are busy.  Every viewing you do that special tidy up, try to keep the house tidy while the children do their best to mess it up again, you attempt to live in a showhome all for that viewer who arrives to look around and you know instantly it is not for them.  They have a cursory look around, are in and out of the door in a few minutes when you have spent hours ensuring it looked perfect.

​Wouldn't it be fantastic if all the people who viewed already knew it was just the sort of property they were looking for and were really coming to get the feel of the property and just to confirm it was for them?

​With our Virtual Viewings we can offer this service. 

​All you need to do is have the property 'viewing ready' when we come to take the photographs and at the same time we will create a virtual viewing of your property.  Our virtual viewings opperate similarly to Google Streetview, potential buyers can look around outside your home, then walk through the front door and wander around the property and garden as they wish - all from the comfort of their sofa!  We can even use VR glasses within our office to really give potential buyer a truely immersive experience.

​For the best effect we normally make this service live and accessable from our website, from the emails we send to potential buyers and from the websites your property is advertised on.  If you would rather we can limit access to the virtual viewing to just people who have enquired about your property.  As with all our marketing you are in control.

​To see an example of a Virtual Viewing in action please click here.

If you have any questions about how we market properties or how our marketing can help you attract more buyers and the best possible price please feel free to contact us by calling us on 01525 713111 or send us an email at


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